Michael Alberg-Seberich


Mercator Fellowship Program

Granting institution

Period of the Fellowship

February 2017 - August 2017

Project title

Which (partnership) strategies are pursued by Canadian foundations in the areas of migration and/or education?

Project description

During his Mercator Fellowship in Canada, Michael Alberg-Seberich will be analysing current dynamics in Canadian foundations in the areas of migration and education. The objective of this analysis is to formulate action suggestions in these areas for German foundations and to expand the bridge between the foundation sectors in Canada and Germany. In a complementary project that he will pursue within the framework of the CKX Canadian Philanthropy Fellowship awarded by Philanthropic Foundations Canada, Alberg-Seberich will also be comparing the “philanthropy” ecosystem in Canada with the European foundation scene.

Short biography

Michael Alberg-Seberich is managing director of Beyond Philanthropy and managing partner of Active Philanthropy. Previously he held a number of management positions at the Bertelsmann Foundation, where he was responsible among other things for the Bertelsmann Prize “Civic Engagement as an Educational Goal”. He writes regular articles for the Latest from Alliance Blog, as well as for the blog from the Center for Effective Philanthropy, and also works as an organizational developer, facilitator, mediator and coach. He completed part of his degree in North American studies and ethnology in Vancouver, has been invited several times to Canada as a facilitator and has repeatedly conducted research there on good practice in the education sector