Magdalena Kirchner


IPC Fellowship

Granting institution

Partner institution

Period of the Fellowship

March 2017 - April 2018

Project title

Rising to the occasion? Turkey and Germany in transatlantic crisis management

Project description

As external security shocks and transnational challenges meet changed intra-alliance expectations of burden-sharing and new opportunities for tailor-made policies, both Germany and Turkey have recently adjusted their policies and positions from bystanders to “leaders from the center.” And yet, to what extent does the observed trend towards more foreign policy activism coincide with enhanced opportunities for “tackling new challenges together?”

Short biography

Magdalena studied political science and history at the Universities of Heidelberg and Aarhus and holds a doctoral degree from the University of Heidelberg. Her research focuses on conflict research and foreign policy analysis in the context of international crisis management. At the University of Heidelberg, she was lecturer at the Institute for Political Science, headed the Working Group “Conflicts in the Middle East and Maghreb” and gained international work experience in Turkey, Israel, and Jordan. She has worked as Senior Project Coordinator at the German Atlantic Association, where she currently serves as associated board member as the chairwoman of the (Youth Atlantic Treaty Association YATA) Germany.