Liu Yi

Short biography

Liu Yi is a facilitator and trainer of communication and learning on organizational development and innovation. She has joined Constellations International in 2014, a consulting agency where she currently works as a facilitator and project manager for corporate and NGO projects on topics such as diversity and inclusion, sustainability and social entrepreneurship. Liu Yi holds a master’s degree in cultural studies from the University of Edinburgh, and has worked with the United Nations in Bonn and Liberia as a communication specialist, and later as a visual anthropologist researching and filming diverse communities including ethnic minorities and those with physical disabilities for a university in Yunnan province. She is a certified Intercultural Trainer and a certified Non-violent Communications trainer candidate, as well as a facilitator of participatory communication and collaboration methods, such as Open Space, Restorative Circle, etc. Liu Yi is also actively involved in civil society development related to sustainability and peace-building in China and exchanges with international community, as in her roles as a founding member of an NGO for eco-farming and rural issues, as well as member of the steering committee of a civil society network on sustainability among East Asian countries and regions, fellow of International Leadership for the Environment and Development (LEAD).