Kristen Huttner


Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs

Period of the Fellowship


Project title

Drinking water production through desalination by renewable energies in developing countries: Developing clear standards and effective regulation tools


Renewable Energies, Development Cooperation, Drinking Water Policy


GIZ, Weltbank, KfW

Short biography

Kristen Huttner (29) from Heidelberg studied Law in Freiburg im Breichsgau and completed her Master of Laws at the McGill University in Montréal. After her legal internship (among others at the European Commission in Brussels) she started working at an international energy company and completed an extra-occupational dissertation in the field of corporate governance. During her Mercator Fellowship, she focused on the legal frameworks of producing drinking water through desalination using renewable energies in developing countries. Kirsten Huttner now works at 50Hertz in Berlin.