Albert Guasch Rafael


Turkey Europe Future Forum

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Reflecting Change

Project description

Albert Guasch Rafael is part of a network of young Turkish and European leaders from all sectors who come together once a year to engage in intensive dialogue and to share views and ideas about topical social issues. The Turkey Europe Future Forum takes place alternately in Turkey and Germany, as well as in other European countries.


European affairs

Short biography

Albert Guasch Rafael is a freelance journalist based in Barcelona, Spain. He is specialised in European Affairs and his work has appeared in outlets such as La Vanguardia, DiariARA and Euronews. He is also the co-founder and current president of European Horizons – UAB Chapter, the delegation at the Autonomous University of Barcelona of European Horizons, a student-led think tank based in Yale University. He holds a Master Degree in European Integration from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His thesis, a proposal for an EU Treasury with Eurobonds, was awarded a prize by the local EU affairs foundation “Fundació Catalunya Europa”. Albert is now participating in the Agora Project, producing journalistic research on technological unemployment.