Turkey Europe Future Forum

Programme for young leaders from Europe and Turkey

The Turkey Europe Future Forum promotes cross-cultural interaction and cooperation among young leaders. It gives high potentials from Turkey, Germany and other European countries the opportunity to broaden their horizons and pursue innovative solutions relating to their ideas about the future of Europe.

Applications are welcome via: https://www.turkey-europe-future-forum.com/en/

Target groups:

Young leaders and future decision makers from Turkey, Germany or other European countries, who either have the potential to shape Europe’s future or who already occupy positions of responsibility.

Deadline: February 24th, 2019


European interlinking of all sectors

Whether in politics, business, civil society, the media or administration: in none of these sectors can decisions be made in simple, national settings. On the contrary: European interlinking of all sectors has never been as strong as it is today and will become even more important in the future. The Turkey Europe Future Forum promotes cross-cultural interaction and cooperation among young leaders.


Strengthening the ties between future decision makers

The main objective of the Turkey Europe Future Forum is to strengthen the ties between young leaders from Turkey and Europe with a view to leveraging European discourse and creating a network based on mutual trust. Besides offering its participants continuing professional and intercultural education, the programme is designed to foster both personal and professional exchange and to strengthen mutual understanding and respect.


Exchange between young leaders

Every year, the Turkey Europe Future Forum brings together 30 excellent, highly committed and responsible young leaders for a period of eight days. Participants are able to take part in an intensive exchange, receive professional education and acquaint themselves with the culture and institutions of the participating countries. They focus in workshops, lectures, seminars and intercultural training sessions on a topical issue and share their sector- and country-specific perspectives. High-ranking speakers, guests and hosts offer unique insights into the politics, economic affairs, culture and society of the host country. The application process will commence at the beginning of 2015.

Project manager

 Luisa Elsig
Luisa Elsig
Project Manager
+49 201 24522-842

Stiftung Mercator’s contribution

Approved funding: 1,620,000 Euro Duration: 2014 - 2022



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