Seminar: Event moderation (DW Akademie Bonn)

Training seminar for Alumni and Fellows of the Stiftung Mercator

This seminar for Mercator alumni and fellows who would like to moderate public events introduces the moderator’s basic tools. You learn about different types of onstage moderation and familiarize yourselves with the fundamentals of events moderation and the moderator’s role. With this seminar, we wish to help interested network members to acquire the skills needed to confidently moderate small events and various public discussion formats.

Date: 11.-12. January 2018

Place: Bonn

Target groups:

This training session is only for members of the Stiftung Mercator Alumni Network with little or no experience moderating who would like to develop their skills in moderating public events. This DW Akademie training seminar will be offered in both German and English.

Deadline: 1 December 2017


The success of any podium discussion or public debate largely depends on the moderation. The moderator must keep the topic in mind while also responding to the interlocutors – ensuring that they feel at ease and that they are being taken seriously. At the same time, the moderator must never forget the audience. The public needs information and orientation. It also wants to be entertained, and most of all, it wants to feel that it is participating.


The DW Akademie teaches you to confidently moderate an event. You practice making an opening statement in front of the camera and simulate a podium discussion. The analysis of your videotaped appearance includes individualized feedback about your strengths and tips for improving. There will also be time to swap experiences in small groups and visit the DW studios.

Stiftung Mercator covers the costs of the training session and your accommodation. Travel costs are at your own expense and can only be subsidized in exceptional, well-founded cases.


The number of places is limited. If you would like to take part in the training seminar, please send the following documents to by 1 December.

  • Application cover sheet (see download below)
  • Brief statement of motivation (max.1-2 pages)
  • Tabular résumé

Please submit your documents in German or English.

Project manager

 Reena James
Reena James
Alumni Manager
+49 201 24522-69


The training session will be conducted in cooperation with the Deutsche Welle Akademie in Bonn, Germany’s leading organization for international media development and training.