Mercator IPC Fellowship Programme

Jointly focusing on the connections

The IPC Fellowship Programme is at the heart of the Istanbul Policy Center (IPC), an initiative that concentrates on the exchange of ideas and people in Turkey. The core philosophy behind this partnership is to identify common perspectives while at the same time always bearing in mind the European context.

Target groups:

Mercator IPC Fellowships
Excellent young graduates, journalists and practitioners


  • Professional experience in the area of European/German-Turkish relations and/or climate change
  • Master’s degree, ideally PhD

Mercator IPC Senior Fellowships
Internationally active scientists, civil society representatives or politicians who have already made a contribution to German-Turkish or European-Turkish relations.

Deadline: March 30 2018


Jointly tackling central challenges

The objective is to sensitize decision-makers and a broader public to central political and social issues in European/German-Turkish relations by promoting outstanding scientists and practitioners. The IPC Fellowship thus offers an opportunity to develop reform strategies with a view to tackling the common challenges of the present day.


Exchange of ideas and people

The IPC Fellowship Programme gives international scientists and practitioners the chance to spend six to twelve months at the IPC, where they can work on research projects and make their findings available to a broad public. For the 2018/19 intake, the six- to twelve-month placement will begin on 3 September 2018 at the earliest.


Identifying common perspectives in the European context

The fellows work together with their Turkish counterparts from the IPC at the institute, which is situated in Istanbul’s central Karaköy district. Numerous events and debates give the IPC fellows access to a wide-ranging network of academics, civil society activists and decision-makers.

Further information about the application process can be found here:

Project manager

Dr Daniel Grütjen
Dr Daniel Grütjen
Project Manager
+49 201 24522-701