Mercator Exchange

Stiftung Mercator’s international exchange programmes

Mercator Exchange combines the international exchange programmes run by Stiftung Mercator for schools, young people and multipliers. Under the Mercator Exchange umbrella, these programmes are expanded, refined and further developed. Mercator Exchange is Stiftung Mercator’s way of investing in the exchange of people and ideas between China, Turkey and Europe.

Target groups:

  • Pupils and young people aged between 14 and 18   
  • Young adults
  • Teachers  
  • Youth workers outside schools
  • Schools
  • Host families
  • Students from China and Turkey

Deadline: Please contact our partners directly for details.


To promote international understanding through the exchange of people and ideas

The objective of Mercator Exchange is to promote tolerance and understanding between Germany and its partner countries by arranging encounters that are free of prejudice. This is because we are convinced that it is becoming increasingly difficult to resolve crucial issues of our time – such as climate change, integration and education – at the national or regional level. Through our Mercator Exchange programmes our aim is to promote intercultural skills, which we regard as a key competence, and to build bridges that will help us to understand, trust and learn from one another.


Stipends and grants for exchange programmes with China and Turkey

Via its Mercator Exchange platform, Stiftung Mercator makes grants available for short- and long-term exchanges and teams up with partners to develop new programme formats. The aim is to provide funding in particular for pupils from all types of school who would be unable to participate in an exchange programme without financial support. We also target key multipliers through our special programmes for teachers and youth workers. In addition, our online “Check dich aus” campaign hopes to inspire young people to embark on an exchange with China and provide them with information about ways of discovering China on a stipend.

At present, we are promoting the following programmes under the Mercator Exchange umbrella:

For pupils, young people and apprentices:

For schools:

For teachers and youth workers outside schools:

  • German-Chinese multiplier exchange for teachers

    Run by: InterCultur, Goethe-Institut China, PAD

  • German-Turkish multiplier exchange for teachers and youth workers

    Run by: YFU, PAD, IJAB

  • “Schulwärts!” – practical work experience placements in China and Turkey for trainee teachers

    Run by: Goethe-Institut

For students from China and Turkey

  • Short-term stays in host families for students from China and Turkey

    Run by: Experiment

For host families:

  • Support seminars for families hosting Turkish and Chinese exchange pupils

    Run by: Experiment

Cooperation with experienced partner organizations

All programmes funded by Stiftung Mercator are run by experienced non-profit partners, including:

  • AFS Intercultural Programs / InterCultur gGmbH
  • Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban)
  • German Youth for Understanding Committee
  • German-Turkish Youth Bridge
  • Experiment e.V.
  • International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • “Austausch macht Schule” (Mobility of Mind in School Exchange) initiative
  • Goethe-Institut e.V.
  • InterCultur gGmbH
  • Pädagogischer Austausch Dienst (Educational Exchange Service)
  • Rotary e.V.
  • transfer e.V.

Combining programmes in Mercator Exchange also serves to interlink our partners, share expertise and experience and thus act as a catalyst above and beyond our own foundation activities.

Project manager

 Arthur Tarnowski
Arthur Tarnowski
Project Manager
+49 201 24522-726

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