Exchange and networking programme for foundation employees from China and Europe

Austausch- und Vernetzungsprogramm für Stiftungsmitarbeiter aus China und Europa

The Philanthropic Leadership Platform – China Europe gives foundation employees from China and Europa the opportunity on a cross-national basis to develop their skills in the planning and execution of non-profit projects.

Target groups:

Deadline: 10. Juni 2016


Capacity-building to globally strengthen the non-profit sector

The objective of the project is to give employees of Chinese and European foundations further training so that they can help professionalize the non-profit sector in their countries of origin. In addition, participants are to be taught how to think beyond national and cultural boundaries with a view to working jointly on solutions to global societal problems.


Annual eight-day further training programme

How do foundations identify societal problems? How can effective cooperative ventures be established? How in fact can impact be measured in the first place? These and other questions will be the focus of the eight-day programme in which ten employees from foundations in Europe and ten from foundations in China can participate. The thematic focus, which will be the same each year, is on aspects of social innovation. Run by the European Foundation Centre (EFC) and the China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI), the project is to alternate each year between Brussels and Beijing. The first Philanthropic Leadership Platform will be taking place in Brussels from 4 to 14 September 2016.


Theory and practice modules, mentoring and virtual working groups

The foundation employees will receive further training that combines theory and practice: besides group work, discussions, lectures and training modules, there will also be workshops, excursions to other foundations and on-site visits to other non-profit programmes. Participants will be familiarized with established and new instruments that will allow them to analyse complex societal problems, to explain these problems to others and to find practical solutions to them. The content will be oriented among other things towards the interests and questions of the foundation employees. The plan is also for the participants to remain in contact with their mentors and with one another in virtual working groups even after the training programme has ended.

If you wish to apply, please click on this LINK and complete the application form. The closing date for applications for the first year’s intake is on 10 June 2016.

Project manager

 Caspar Welbergen
Caspar Welbergen
Head of Beijing Office
+49 201 24522-743

Stiftung Mercator’s contribution

Approved funding: 550,000 Euro Duration: 2016 - 2018


China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI), European Foundation Centre (EFC)