TEFF Diplomats 2015-2017: Passing the Torch to 2018 Fellows


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Veranstaltung auf Einladung der Stiftung Mercator

Stiftung Mercator uses the Mercator Alumni Fund to support events, specialist seminars, workshops and project ideas by and for Mercator fellows and alumni. The goal is to foster an expert exchange on the foundation’s themes, to support inter-programme networking and to promote the ideas and initiatives of Stiftung Mercator fellows and alumni. The major goal of this organized event is to reinforce networking and enhance mutual understanding among future decision-makers of Turkey, Germany and other European countries. It has been the strong wish of 2017 Fellows of the Turkey Europe Future Forum (TEFF) to maximize the benefits of the interaction with the 2018 Fellows during the joint meeting in 2018, through a “Pass the Torch” discussion and drafting of message.


 Reena James
Reena James
Alumni Managerin
+49 201 24522-69

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