Open Situation Room: Media and Diversity - How can we make media more pluralistic?


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The Global Media Forum 2017 invites media makers and other stakeholders not only to criticially assess their contemporary surroundings but to also scrutinise their inner workings. Picking up this years topic "Media & Diversity" they should ask themselves: What is media's role and contribution in today's diverse world and does it live up to its own standards?

Join now and help to find new solutions!

Freedom of press has long been considered a fundamental principle of modern democracies. And yet "Lügenpresse" [lying press] has recently become a popular catchword among those that feel disconnected with and disregarded by their social, political and media environment. Why should they feel represented by an exclusive circle of highly educated and generally left-oriented media makers? And in response: How can WE ensure that people with different social, ethnic and political backgrounds and viewpoints still have a voice and do not feel silenced?

Diversity and Media - two topics with numerous links and connections. And still a lot of potential for improvement and reinvention. For this year's Global Media Forum the OPEN SITUATION ROOM invites a diverse mix of people including media makers and journalists to discover new ways of creating a more pluralistic media world. Ines Pohl (Editor-in-chief, Deutsche Welle) and Giacomo Mazzone (Head of Institutional and Members Relations, European Broadcasting Union) will support the participants in their three-hour brainstorming quest to find innovative solutions for the challenge:

How can we make media more pluralistic?
Open Situation Room
Monday, June 19th (14:30-17:30 pm) @ Global Media Forum 2017 Bonn*

Like no other format the Open Situation Room (OSR) uses the diversity of its participants to find new perspectives: People with all kinds of personal and professional background are invited to apply. Anyone can participate and bring in fresh viewpoints, that in the end, might lead to unheard-of results!

How to participate:
Please send an e-mail to (until June 1, 2017) stating:
Your name
Year of birth
and a brief explanation (2-3 sentences), why you want to participate.

* Selected participants will receive a complimentary 3-day pass to the GMF We can support travel costs with up to 50€


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Annkatrin Kaiser
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Cathrin Sengpiehl
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