Grids meet Renewables - Conference and Best Practice Fair


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Öffentliche Veranstaltung der Renewables Grid Initiative

The Renewables Grid Initiative and WindEurope have the great pleasure to invite you to our joint event “Grids meet Renewables”. The energy sector is currently undergoing a major transition, one that will have a significant impact on citizens, consumers, industry and the environment. For this transition to meet societal expectations, technological and environmental requirements, a variety of energy industry players must come together and decide how best to navigate the changing energy landscape. Our event “Grids meet Renewables” will facilitate an open dialogue between the renewables and grid sectors.

The event will focus on the following questions:

  • How can different industries jointly plan the future landscape of energy?
  • How can we ensure that the identification of new sites for renewables goes hand in hand with the analysis of future grid needs?
  • How do we optimise grid development to reduce congestions and the overall cost of electricity? How can RES generation contribute to the flexibility of the system?
  • How can grid operators benefit from the service and capabilities that RES generation can offer? How could the market be designed?
  • What roles can RES companies and grid operators play in making sure that the transition will happen in a fair and acceptable manner? 

Best Practice Fair

The Best Practice Fair will create opportunities for the exchange and discussion of best practices in different areas relevant to a renewables-based energy landscape. Participants will have the opportunity to hear new ideas, take inspiration from industry leaders and learn from the experience of existing initiatives. A limited number of Fair stands is still available. If you are interested - please send us an email:

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