Stiftung Mercator

Engaged Europeans

The Engaged Europeans (EE) are a group of thirteen German foundations committed to a strong Europe. Their first major joint project is a campaign entitled "I want Europe" ("Ich will Europa").


The following thirteen German foundations currently make up the group of Engaged Europeans:

Allianz Kulturstiftung
Bertelsmann Stiftung
BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt
Robert Bosch Stiftung
Hertie Foundation
Ernst Schering Foundation
Schwarzkopf Foundation "Young Europe"
Genshagen Foundation
Stiftung Mercator
Volkswagen Foundation
Stiftung Zukunft Berlin

The group of Engaged Europeans meets at regular intervals to share knowledge and opinions about current developments, coordinate their European activities and develop new ideas. When the euro crisis reached one of its peaks in December 2010, for example, the Engaged Europeans published an open letter to the German government.


The participating foundations individually and jointly support a deepening of European integration through a broad range of projects.

Duration: 2013-2016
Funding provided: 100,000 euros